Requesting Bids for an In-Depth Data Analysis and Digital Rights Report


For a Project by 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media We are requesting Bids for an In-Depth Data Analysis and Digital Rights Report



7amleh -The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement is a non-profit organisation whose work aims to create a safe, fair and free digital space by building the capacity of civil society organisations in digital advocacy, digital safety and activism, monitoring and documenting digital rights violations against Palestinians carried out by various perpetrators in online spaces, including technology companies and different governments.


A significant facet of our efforts lies in spotlighting the disparities that afflict Palestinian and pro-Palestinian voices across social media platforms. To further reinforce this core dimension of our work, we aim to conduct a thorough analysis of the data and violations meticulously documented by our pioneering monitoring platform, 7or - The Palestinian Observatory for Digital Rights Violations.


In this context, we seek your expertise to conduct an in-depth research project utilizing the 7or database and to produce an analytical report following the structure outlined below.

* While we provide a suggested structure, researchers are encouraged to propose alternative structures to better achieve the project's objectives.


Proposed Report Structure:


1. Introduction


2.. Examination of Companies' Content Moderation Practices


3. Analysis of Key Findings


4. Conclusion and Recommendations


In keeping with the research legacy established by 7amleh thus far (as demonstrated in previous reports such as the report Systematic Efforts to Silence Palestinian Content On Social Media and 7amleh’s Annual Reporg #Hashtag Palestine), we aspire to guarantee a cohesive and distinctive narrative for this forthcoming report.


Researchers’ requirements:

Prospective candidates should meet the following criteria:



Reception of quotes:

Once all quotes are received and evaluated using objective criteria, 7amleh will award the contract to the submission that offers the best value for money. The proposed timeline will also be taken into account during the evaluation process. Please bear in mind that the report should be published no later than April, 2024.


Please send your quotes to the email address, including:


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