Digital Rights Weekly Update 29 December - 4 January


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Beyond shadowbanning: Facebook posts can't liberate Palestine (English)

The New Arab

Social media platforms controlled by Big Tech led by the likes of Meta, owner of Facebook are back to their old game of censoring activism for causes that do not align with their commercial interests or go against the 'red lines' of the dominant political class. No where else we see this more strongly than on the question of Palestine, and now the war on Gaza.





The Power of Digital Platforms to Support Palestine Globally (English)

Modern Diplomacy

Nadim Nashif an Executive Director and Co-Founder of 7amleh said that many Palestinian movements are considered by the US and Israel to be terrorists which means they are prohibited from being active on social media. The ban happened to a teenager who defended Palestine on Facebook to defend his right to worship at the Al-Aqsa mosque which resulted in him being imprisoned because Israel was cunningly doing everything it could by making regulations such as the Facebook law which gives Israeli courts the power to demand the removal of content on Facebook. social media platforms that are deemed to damage or endanger the security of the state, person or society and the perpetrators may be sent to court for trial without being able to defend themselves





Technologists band together to support besieged Palestine (English)

The Hindu

A group of more than 40 technologists have banded together and created the ‘Tech for Palestine’ initiative to show their support to Palestine and boycott tech products linked to Israel. “Our short-term goal is to normalize and enable tech folks to speak up for the people of Palestine. Our main goal is to shift the Overton Window, and make it easier to speak up for Palestinian humanity and freedom, while making it harder to say the sort of genocidal statements about Palestine that are common among tech investors and leaders,” said the organisation in a recent GitHub post.



Palestinians Are Having Their Bank Accounts Frozen. Their Banks Won’t Explain Why (English)

Novara Media

Hamdan and Awed are among a growing number of Palestinians – Novara Media has spoken to 20 of them – who have been abruptly barred from accessing their money with online neobanks Wise and Payoneer, two of the services preferred by Palestinians for international money transfer and everyday transactions, without full explanation. Payoneer alone has roughly 30,000 Palestinian users in Gaza, not counting the many others in the diaspora.



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