08 - 14 September: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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Facebook complicity with Israel in muting Palestinian voices, probe finds (English)


The investigation focused on Facebook’s differential treatment of content associated with the Palestinian communities as opposed to Hebrew content, which as a result, unveiled a pattern of Facebook exhibiting against Palestine, prompting concerns from various quarters. Human rights activists and former Facebook officials who participated in the programme, acknowledged the systematic targeting of Palestinian content on social media platforms. Deborah Brown, a digital rights researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW) emphasised that Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and its associated platforms, fails to sufficiently support human rights worldwide.




Israeli Spyware Exploits Newly Discovered Flaw in Apple Devices (English)

Fagen Wasanni Technologies

Researchers at digital watchdog group Citizen Lab have discovered spyware linked to Israeli firm NSO that exploits a recently found vulnerability in Apple devices. Citizen Lab stated that while examining the Apple device of an employee at a Washington-based civil society group, they found that the flaw had been used to infect the device with NSO’s Pegasus spyware. Bill Marczak, senior researcher at Citizen Lab, stated, “We attribute the exploit to NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware with high confidence, based on forensics we have from the target device.”




Yisrael Hume: Palestinian security has spy technologies capable of penetrating organizations (Arabic)

Utra Sawt

The newspaper "Yisrael Hayom" said on Tuesday evening that a Palestinian official assured her that the Palestinian security services have received armored vehicles, weapons and advanced technological means to improve their intelligence capabilities, and a special electronic unit will be trained to combat pro-resistance content and penetrate Palestinian organizations, especially in Jenin and Nablus.




Amid social media restrictions, Palestinian journalists seek to amplify their reporting (English)


Social media platforms often use violent events in Palestine, such as Israeli strikes on Gaza or the recent raid on the Jenin refugee camp in July, as an excuse to restrict accounts. They may do so simply on the basis of one image or word that are said to violate company guidelines. Retroactive restrictions that penalize posts from years ago are not uncommon, either. Many Palestinian outlets have experienced bans for this reason, said Amjad Qawasmi, a social media specialist at Raya Media Network.

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