11 - 17 August: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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The Destructive Impact of Israel’s Artificial Intelligence Industry (English)

Washington Report

Israel is on a mission to become an artificial intelligence (AI) “superpower,” retired Israeli Maj.-Gen. Eyal Zamir said earlier this year. Already subjected to Israeli mass surveillance and facial recognition technologies, Palestinians will likely face greater risks as AI technology grows, argued panelists on the Arab Center Washington DC’s June 15 webinar, “Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights: The Case of Israeli Surveillance of Palestinians.”




The Independent commission to Watan: we call for the opening of a community dialogue to discuss points of disagreement on a draft resolution on the right to Information Law  (Arabic)


Civil society organizations, human rights and media organizations have warned against the adoption of a draft resolution by law regulating the right to information that is being circulated secretly among ministers without informing the local community about it. Taher al-Masri, a legal researcher at the Independent Commission for Human Rights, said that the issuance of the right to Information Law is very important and has legal, human rights and political dimensions, which stems from its association mainly with freedom of expression and prevents rumors, in addition to the need to harmonize Palestinian legislation commensurate with the international treaties signed by Palestine, especially after Palestine's accession in April 2014 to the Covenant on civil and political rights.




"Wafa" Agency Vigilantly Tracks Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media (Arabic)

Wafa News Agency

During the period spanning from 6th to 12th August 2023, the Palestinian News and Information Agency (Wafa) diligently monitored instances of incitement and racism prevalent within the Israeli media landscape. In its 320th report, WAFA meticulously documents and observes cases of inflammatory and racially charged rhetoric across various mediums, encompassing visual, written, and auditory formats of Israeli media. Furthermore, the report extends its scrutiny to encompass select social media accounts belonging to political and legal figures within Israeli society. Notably, in accordance with its customary practice since the rise of the current extremist government, which notably includes the controversial figure Ben Gvir, the report captures a pattern of hostile declarations. This time, the spotlight falls on Ben Gvir's proclamation of bestowing a medal upon anyone responsible for the demise of a Palestinian. In a bid to distort the narrative, Ben Gvir goes beyond this to advocate for a "medal of honor" for individuals who protect themselves against stone-throwing incidents.





On the occasion of the International Youth Day, the PCBS issues a press release highlighting the situation of the youth in the Palestinian society (English)


Data of the Labour Force Survey, 2022 showed that 95% of the youth (18-29 year) used the internet from anywhere (98% in the West Bank and 92% in Gaza Strip), while the percentage of the male youth who used the internet from anywhere was about 95% compared to 96% among females. In addition, 90% of the youth, own a smartphone (97% in the West Bank and 80% in Gaza Strip); 90% among males and 91% among females.

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