4 - 10 August: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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How Israeli technology turns occupation into profit (English)


The Israeli military-industrial complex has turned the occupied Palestinian territory into a testing ground for advanced weaponry and surveillance technology, which it exports worldwide. From powerful tools like the Pegasus software, which was used to hack the phones of high-profile individuals such as Jeff Bezos and Jamal Khashoggi, to selling drones to the European Union to monitor people seeking to cross the Mediterranean, Israel’s technology has become a global leader in conflicts around the world.




We must not let social media desensitise us to Palestinian suffering (English)

The New Arab

Israel used rockets, drones and a brigade of soldiers and armoured vehicles.Naturally, social media channels transformed into virtual war zones, inundating us with real-time images and videos capturing Israel’s aggression and the tenacious resistance by Palestinian fighters. In the face of a deeply complex media and ethical landscape, I found myself struggling with the significant implications of social media as I encountered one particularly disturbing video amidst the unfolding assault on Jenin refugee camp.




PayPal Steps Away from Palestine; Is Bitcoin the Answer? (English)

live bitcoin news

PayPal has a responsibility to ensure its services and operations are provided in a non-discriminatory manner and in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Without PayPal, the people of Palestine have had to find other ways of getting the items they need to survive… The goods and services necessary for everyday life. As a result, many have turned to bitcoin.




PayTabs partners with MEPS to enter Palestine's web commerce market (English)

The Paypers

Saudi Arabia-based PayTabs has partnered with Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) to enable digital payments in Palestine. The partnership’s objective is to allow small and medium businesses (SME), ecommerce and web entrepreneurs, as well as creators in Palestine, to use online payment solutions to sell their products on social media platforms and on the internet. The payment solutions provider PayTabs, along with MEPS Palestine, aims to achieve these goals by enabling online payments, recurring payments, electronic invoicing, and access to multi-currency payments, including USD, JOD, and the local currency.



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