28 July - 3 August: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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Is Civil Society in Mena Ready to Tackle AI’s Human Rights Challenges? (English)


In Palestine, Israel is committing crimes against Palestinians on a daily basis, including forced evictions, torture, land seizures, unlawful killings, and severe restrictions on movement. It has been deploying AI to control and oppress Palestinians, for example, through facial recognition and predictive policing. A May 2023 report by Amnesty International, titled “Automated Apartheid,” investigated how Israel extensively uses facial recognition software “to consolidate existing practices of discriminatory policing, segregation, and curbing freedom of movement, violating Palestinians’ basic rights.”




No tech for Israeli apartheid! (English)


Tech workers from Amazon and Google rallied outside the annual Amazon Web Services Summit at the Javits Center in New York City on July 26. Workers chanted loud and clear:  “Free free Palestine, no tech for Israel’s crimes!” The rally was part of their continuing two-year “No Tech for Apartheid” campaign. Hand-painted signs throughout the crowd showed working class solidarity with the Palestinian people, targeting Amazon and Google bosses for the billion dollar contracts that enable mass surveillance by the Israeli apartheid state.





Journalists Support Committee: "WhatsApp" fights Palestinian content (Arabic)


The committee to support Palestinian Journalists revealed the cases of censorship exerted by social media platforms in general and"WhatsApp" in particular, on Palestinian journalistic and media work, condemning the violent attack against Palestinian journalists.This came, in a statement, following a campaign launched by the management of the "WhatsApp" platform, banning numbers for Palestinian journalists.




Musk threatens to sue researchers who documented the rise in hate tweets (English)


X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has threatened to sue a group of independent researchers whose research documented an increase in hate speech on the site since it was purchased last year by Elon Musk.A lawyer representing the social media site wrote to the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) on July 20 threatening legal action over the nonprofit’s research into hate speech and content moderation. 



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