21 - 27 July: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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It’s Getting Harder for the Government to Secretly Flag Your Social Posts (English)


While Israeli police smothered Palestinian protests on the streets of East Jerusalem in May 2021, a separate agency attempted its own sweep online. The Cybercrime Department in Israel’s Ministry of Justice sent social media companies lists of thousands of user accounts it wanted removed for violating the services’ content policies with their posts about the protests. A former Twitter employee says the company suspended a few of the accounts flagged by the Israeli agency for using hateful or harassing language. But policy staffers determined that most were simply Palestinians and others tweeting comments that, while critical of Israel, did not break any rules.




"Wafa" Monitors Incitement and Racism in Israeli Media (Arabic)


Wafa, the Palestinian News and Information Agency, diligently monitored incidents of incitement and racism within the Israeli media from 7-16-2023 to 7-22-2023. In its comprehensive 317th report, WAFA meticulously documented instances of inflammatory and racist content in Israeli visual, written, and audio media, as well as on certain social networking pages belonging to political and legal figures within Israeli society.




Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Presents the Conditions of the Palestinian Population on the Occasion of the World Population Day (English)


In the year 2022, about 92% of households in Palestine stated that they have access to internet service at home or at one of their household members in Palestine for the year 2022, (93% in the West Bank and 92% in Gaza Strip).  Meanwhile the percentage of individuals (10 years and above) who used the internet from anywhere reached 89% in Palestine (92% in the West Bank and 83% in Gaza Strip).  89% among males and 88% among females.




Over 60% of world population uses social media: Study (English)

Daily Sabah

More than 60% of the global population – over 5 billion people – actively uses social media, according to recent research. That represents an increase of 3.7% over the past year, according to calculations by digital advisory firm Kepios in its latest quarterly report. Social network users are approaching 5.19 billion, or 64.5% of the world population. There are significant differences between regions. Only one person out of 11 in East and Central Africa uses social media. In India, now the world's most populous nation, the figure is one out of three.


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