7 - 13 July: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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April - June 2023 Quarterly Report (English)


The occupied Palestinian territory is currently experiencing persistent turmoil and tension, as ongoing events unfold. During the second quarter of this year, there was a notable increase in acts of violence and attacks by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers against the Palestinians. Subsequently, these occurrences had adverse repercussions on the human rights and freedoms of Palestinians within the digital space. Through the utilization of artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms, social media companies persistently engaged in extensive content removal and account restrictions targeting Palestinians. While broad protection is granted to violent and hateful discourse against the Palestinian people and pro-Palestinian activists in the Israeli digital space, recent research conducted by 7amleh, which examined the dissemination of violent discourse on the Twitter platform, uncovered a pattern of distortion and repression inflicted upon Palestinian activists and supporters worldwide. 



Rights group: Israeli occupation detained 162 Palestinians over social media posts in 2023 (English)


The Israeli occupation has detained over 162 Palestinians for expressing their opinion on social media since the start of the year, a human rights group has found. The Palestine Centre for Prisoners Studies (PCPS) explained that journalists, activists, community leaders, women and children were among those detained by the Israeli occupation authorities over social media posts. Riyad al-Ashqar, the center’s director, anticipated a surge in detentions against Palestinians after the Israeli occupation Knesset approved in a preliminary reading a draft bill imposing severe sentences against Palestinians over alleged "incitement" on social media.




"Wafa" monitors incitement and racism in the Israeli media (Arabic)


The Palestinian News and Information Agency (Wafa) monitored incitement and racism in the Israeli media, between 2-7-2023 and 8-7-2023. In its 315th report, WAFA provides monitoring and documentation of inflammatory and racist discourse in the Israeli visual, written, and audio media, and some pages on social media networks of political and official figures in Israeli society. The "Wafa" report monitored several inflammatory articles after the widespread aggression against Jenin camp last week, and calls for a broader aggression, and for more settlement construction.




Israeli attack on Jenin sparks social media war in Latin America (English)

Arab News

A pro-Israel propaganda campaign on Latin American social media has been met with fierce resistance, said historian Sayid Marcos Tenorio, vice president of the Brazil-Palestine Institute. “Israel usually invests in promoting social media publications during such military aggressions. The somewhat surprising part is that now numerous Latin Americans showed their indignation and criticized on social media the Israeli allegations,” he told Arab News.





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