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Unmasking ChatGPT’s anti-Palestinian Bias: What’s the Root? (English)

Doha News

ChatGPT is a major concern in academic circles today globally, hence Abusaada’s initial experimentation with the tool regarding questions in his own academic field. The experiment took a more curious turn in questioning the AI tool’s ethical and political responses.“As a Palestinian, I am unfortunately used to see biases about my people and country in mainstream media, so I thought I would see how this supposedly intelligent tool would respond to questions regarding Palestinian rights,” said Abusaada. ChatGPT’s answer did not strike him as a surprise.“My feelings are the feelings of every Palestinian when we see the immense amount of misinformation and bias when it comes to the question of Palestine in Western discourse and mainstream media. For us, this is far from a single incident,” Abusaada told Doha News.





US Congress Members Urge PayPal to Open Services to Palestinians (English)

Middle East Eye

Members of Congress are urging PayPal to open up its services to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. According to the letter, which was sent to the online payment system's CEO, Dan Schulman, PayPal could be infringing upon the rights of Palestinians as it does not provide them with access to its services.“We have significant concerns that, because PayPal does provide services to Israeli citizens in illegal settlements across the West Bank, but does not provide services to Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, PayPal’s current operating status may be infringing upon the rights of Palestinians,” the letter said.“Additionally, PayPal’s decision to exclude Palestinians from its services may only exacerbate economic hardship, and therefore political instability, in the West Bank and Gaza.”





Israeli "Quadrim" Closes its Business after Preventing the Sale of Spy Software to Morocco (Arabic)

Arab 48

The cyber espionage company "Quadrim" and among its clients Saudi Arabia, which is the largest competitor of NSO, wanted to sell Morocco the Reign program capable of secret penetration by "zero click", that is, without the need for any action on the part of the victim. The Israeli offensive cyber company "Quadrim" informed its employees, several weeks ago, that the company would be closed. Among the reasons for the decision to close was the refusal of the Israeli security ministry to grant it a permit to market its programs for hacking smartphones, including a deal with Morocco.





Aman Reveals: an Amended Version of the Right of Access to Information Law "Designed to Serve the Government" (Arabic)

Ultra Palestine

Aman accused the Palestinian Government of procrastination and continuing to "hide the facts" by not including the draft law "on the right of access to information", prepared for years by civil society organizations and the Anti-Corruption Commission, by a government decision in 2013. Aman Coalition explained in its fifteenth annual report, "the reality of integrity and anti-corruption in Palestine 2022" that the government continues its policy of hiding facts that it knows are contrary to the provisions of the law, or the Basic Law, and delays in completing the law for fear of social accountability.

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