28 April - 4 May: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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Position Paper: Endless Violation and Mistreatment of Palestinians’ Right to Privacy and Personal Data (English)


The purpose of this paper was to provide an overview of the right to privacy, with focus on personal data, in the oPt. In this paper, shortcomings in Palestinian legislation, and practices were discussed, a clear position on the Palestinian right to privacy was stated, and recommendations and procedures to address existing issues were proposed. Furthermore, the importance of enacting legislation to protect and regulate the right to privacy, including personal data and particularly digital data, were addressed. In addition, 7amleh examined the required, independent standards, systems, regulations, and procedures that guarantee the implementation of the right to privacy, obligate the responsible authorities to monitor and hold perpetrators accountable, and hold decision-makers responsible.




Israel/OPT: Israeli Authorities are Using Facial Recognition Technology to Entrench Apartheid (English)

Amnesty International

The Israeli authorities are using an experimental facial recognition system known as Red Wolf to track Palestinians and automate harsh restrictions on their freedom of movement, Amnesty International said today.  In a new report, Automated Apartheid, the organization documents how Red Wolf is part of an ever-growing surveillance network which is entrenching the Israeli government’s control over Palestinians, and which helps to maintain Israel’s system of apartheid. Red Wolf is deployed at military checkpoints in the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, where it scans Palestinians’ faces and adds them to vast surveillance databases without their consent.




'Pro-Israel Lobby Groups Ride Anti-Semitism Bogey to Silence Free Media' (English)

Press TV

The pro-Israel lobby groups in the West have over the years made desperate attempts to silence and tame independent global news networks over their coverage of Israeli crimes against Palestinians, says an analyst. Abeer AlNajjar, who teaches media criticism, accountability and critical media literacies at the American University of Sharjah, told the Press TV website in an interview on Saturday that these groups have sought to airbrush the “colonial and apartheid policies practiced by the Israeli regime in the occupied territories.




The Palestinian Narrative is Getting Stronger, while the Israeli Narrative Declines (English)


As Israel prepares for the outbreak of a new wave of confrontations with the Palestinians, it is also getting ready to face relentless efforts on social media to push for the continuation of resistance and confrontation of the occupation. Events in the last weeks of Ramadan led Israeli occupation forces to arrest more than one hundred Palestinian youth and media activists and file dozens of charges against them. Israeli police formed a security unit during Ramadan in 2022 as one of the lessons learned from the Dignity uprising of Ramadan 2021, allegedly to face Palestinian incitement on social media. Recently, the police have concluded intensive operations against what they describe as Palestinian incitement online and efforts related to the battle of the narratives regarding security incidents taking place in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.


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