14 - 20 April: Digital Rights Weekly Update


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New Israel Spyware, Exposed for Targeting Journalists, Politicians in Several Countries, Shut Down (English)


A new Israeli spyware, revealed last week for targeting journalists and opposition politicians in several countries is shutting down, reported The Times of Israel. QuaDream, founded by a former Israeli military official and former veteran employee of the NSO company, has been struggling with financial issues in recent months, but suffered a full-blown collapse, after a report published by Citizen Lab, identified the hacking tools of the Israeli firm used against advocacy agencies, opposition figures and journalists across 10 countries.





"Wafa" Monitors Incitement and Racism in the Israeli Media (Arabic)


The Palestinian News and Information Agency (Wafa) monitored incitement and racism in the Israeli media, between 9 and 15 April. In its 303 report, WAFA provides monitoring and documentation of inflammatory and racist discourse in the Israeli visual, written and audio media, and some pages on social networking sites of political and legal figures in Israeli society. The report showed the transformation of the Israeli media into something like a public relations office for the office of the extremist minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, as it extensively publishes statements, movements, procedures, and news about arrests and filing indictments on charges of incitement after it formed a special team on the orders of Ben Gvir himself, whose mission is to pursue every Palestinian publication, and every Palestinian act and label it as incitement and terrorism.





Lebanese Journalist Tamara Qiblawi Faces an Incitement Campaign (Arabic)


The "Honest Reporting" organization set off the campaign to incite against the Lebanese journalist, Tamara Qiblawi, who has been working for the "CNN" network since 2015, as a senior digital producer on Middle East issues in the London office. The organization said Qiblawi had posted a series of "offensive, anti-Israel and pro-terrorist comments on social media," following what it called "further revelations by journalists who are blatantly anti-Semitic."





WhatsApp Makes it Harder for Scammers to Steal Your Account (English)


WhatsApp has begun rolling out a handful of new security features. The most notable sees the company doing more to protect users against SIM jacking and other social engineering attacks that could compromise your account. The next time you download WhatsApp on a new device, you may be asked to use your old device to confirm you want to move your account to a new phone.



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