New Position Paper Highlights Impacts of X Platform's Content Moderation Policies on Palestinian Digital Rights


7amleh Center releases Position Paper on the Impacts of X Platform's Content Moderation Policies on Palestinian Digital Rights

7amleh – The Arab Center for Advancement of Social Media, published a position paper titled The Impact of X Platform’s Content Moderation Policies on Palestinian Digital Rights. This paper offers a comprehensive overview of the platform's role in shaping online discourse and its implications for Palestinian digital rights.

The paper is authored by 7amleh’s advocacy manager, Jalal Abukhater. It delves deep into the nuances of X's content moderation framework following the takeover by Elon Musk. It explores the platform's approach to addressing issues such as hate speech, incitement to violence, and disinformation, while also examining its impact on user safety and freedom of expression. 

It provides critical analysis backed by empirical data provided through the Palestinian Observatory of Digital Rights Violations (7or), offering insights into the platform's effectiveness in combating harmful content and fostering a healthy online environment.

The position paper reveals concerning trends in the proliferation of hate speech and incitement to violence in the Hebrew language, targeting Palestinians. The platform remains a hotbed for harmful rhetoric. Considering the documented use of X to incite genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, including by the highest levels of the Israeli leadership, the paper calls for action to address X’s legal and moral responsibilities in halting incitement against Palestinians on its platform.

In examining X's approach to freedom of expression, the paper acknowledges the platform's role as a space for open dialogue and diverse perspectives. There was careful optimism about X among Palestinian users. According to data from (7or), incidents of Palestinian users’ content being restricted or de-platformed on X remained low when compared to other large online platforms. However, the paper raises concerns about the potential suppression of speech critical of Israel. Growing fears and anecdotal evidence suggest a chilling effect on discussions related to Palestinian rights.

Delving into ethical considerations surrounding content moderation, the paper calls for greater transparency, accountability, and ethical governance to navigate the evolving challenges of online discourse. Drawing parallels to global standards and best practices, the paper highlights commendable efforts and improvement areas within X's content moderation policies.

For the full position paper, click here


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