7amleh Launches "Digital Security" Learning Platform


7amleh Launches "Digital Security" Learning Platform

7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media, launched the “Digital Security” platform, an educational guidance platform designed in the Arabic language, to constitute a source of specialised educational and training guides in the field of digital security. The platform contains advanced and updated training materials and provides its users with detailed explanations through illustrated educational videos. The “Digital Security” platform provides important training content to ensure the sustainability of digital security for institutions and individuals through five sections, the first of which is the digital prevention section, which defines in detail digital threats, their indicators, and methods of prevention. This section includes a detailed explanation of digital surveillance, phishing, social engineering attacks, harassment, and all forms of privacy violations. The digital security chapter includes detailed digital security guides to protect devices, networks, communications, data, accounts, and passwords from risks and threats. Other chapters include the risk assessment chapter, which provides evidence of risk management in digital security, and the psychological immunity chapter, which enhances psychological immunity from digital attacks. The last section is the glossary section, which is a dictionary that includes various digital security terms, to help facilitate understanding and correct use of evidence and information.

The “Digital Security” platform aims to provide comprehensive and up-to-date guides on digital security, ensuring they are accessible and free to use. The beneficiaries include civil society organisations, human rights organisations, activists, journalists, and the general public. 7amleh has developed the guides that are now available on the platform, in cooperation with the Holistic Protection Collective, as part of 7amleh’s work to safeguard Palestinian digital rights and protect the safety and security of users in an ever-changing digital space.

You can visit Digital Security platform, by clicking here.



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