7amleh Center Documents Rise in Hate Speech and Incitement in Hebrew and Urges the Public to Report Cases of Incitement


7amleh's statement on the spread of hate speech in Hebrew

In light of the recent escalation of political events in the country, 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media had monitored and documented hundreds of cases of digital rights violations through "7or" platform since yesterday. These violations include cases of hate speech and incitement to violence in Hebrew, deletion of Palestinian content, as well as the restriction of accounts advocating for Palestinian rights. 7amleh Center maintains continuous communication with social media companies and has successfully acted on a significant number of these violations so far.

7amleh Center emphasizes the importance of reporting cases of hate speech and incitement, particularly those written in Hebrew. This reporting significantly aids in documenting and monitoring the violations that affect Palestinian individuals and institutions.

Nadeem Nashif, the director of 7amleh Center, also emphasized that, "There is a massive amount of incitement in Hebrew on social media networks, and there is an utmost importance in combating hate speech and incitement because, as we have seen in previous cases, it translates into real-world attacks. We call on social media companies to fulfill their responsibilities and ensure that content of this nature is not present on their platforms."

If you or anyone you know has experienced any cases of hate speech, incitement, or digital rights violations, please report them through the "7or" platform so that we can provide support and assistance in addressing these violations. 

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