Call for Surveys Collection Companies: Research on the Palestinian Youth Digital Space, Security and Rights


Terms of Reference


7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that aims to empower the Palestinian and Arab civil society in digital advocacy by building professional capabilities, defending digital rights, and creating effective media campaigns. 

The virtual world has become the primary space where children and youth across the occupied Palestinian territories spend their time, as well as where they express their opinions and political views. However, 87% of Palestinian children and youth rarely or never participate in political discussions online due to fear of prosecution from authorities who monitor their social media content.  In addition to being under surveillance and targeted by governmental authorities, many youth are exposed to cyber bullying, pornographic material, extortion, theft of personal virtual accounts and personal information, social or political persecutions from sharing personal opinions, sexual harassment, and other forms of abuse. Furthermore, concentrated efforts to censor the voices of young people by the Israeli and Palestinian governmental actors, as well as social media platforms has greatly impacted many Palestinian youth activists, who use their social media accounts to document their lived experiences and share their perspective on social and political issues. Furthermore, youth have been at the heart of many of the recent movements for political change, and social media networks are seen as critical tools for political participation and a means to bring about political reform and the protection of human rights in Palestine. 

Through this proposed action, 7amleh will utilise its extensive experience working to ensure greater protection of Youth digital rights. This will be accomplished through targeted research designed to highlight the current challenges, threats and opportunities that exist for Palestinian youth within the digital space, across the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip, as well as advocacy campaigns designed to promote the protection of the rights of Palestinian youth online.

Research Needs with Time Frame

7amleh is requesting applications for surveys collections company to support in data collection for comprehensive research on the Palestinian Youth Digital Space, Security and Rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories.  Starting from 1 October and to be submitted by 30 October. The survey collection company will be responsible for reaching the youth respondents for data collected and provide descriptive and critical analysis of the data collected. Under the supervision of the researcher who is responsible for submitting the final draft of the research. 



Service Description 

Timeframe (2023)


Survey Collection Company

Collect 500 survey responses targeting Palestinian Youth ages 15-30 (50% female, 50% male) across East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza strip. This will include design of the survey, sample per area. Some surveys will be conducted via telephone and others via online. 

Deliver 500 survey responses.

1 Oct - 30 Oct 


How to apply?

Interested companies can apply for this Terms of Reference by sending an email to with “Youth Digital Protection - Survey Collection Company” in the subject line. and explain in the email their interest in applying for the position with providing supporting documents according to the following:




Supporting Documents 


Survey Collection Company

  • Portfolio in relevant work within social sciences and collection of data

  • Previous proven experience and working with youth groups and data collection.

  • Understanding of the context in Palestine 

  • CV

  • Price offer per survey for a total of 500 surveys. 


Selection Process 

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, August 29th, 2023. Only suitable candidates will be contacted for a 15-minute interview to discuss this assignment and examine suitability. Final decision will be made before the start of the assignment on 1 October 2023 which will be completed by 30 October 2023.



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