Needs Assessment of Palestinian Youth Digital Activity: Challenges and Needs


Research and Survey on Digital Performance: Reality, Challenges and Needs

This research mainly aims to understand the digital activity of Palestinian youth, by analyzing their knowledge of the following topics; digital rights, digital security, literacy, stereotypes, hate speech and representation through the media, online gender-based violence, documenting and reporting digital rights violations, and how to implement digital advocacy campaigns. On the other hand, this research aims to identify the challenges and needs Palestinian youth face to enhance the space of their free, safe and just online political participation, and to know the necessary needs to achieve that.

The research is based on understanding the reality of Palestinian youth’s digital activity, specifically university students, by selecting a sample of 146 male and female students who expressed interest in joining the “Ambassadors of Digital Rights in Palestine” project, which aims to build the capacities of a group of university youth in understanding and defending the components of digital rights in the Palestinian case. 93 students participated in this research, where an in-depth online questionnaire was designed for them, in cooperation with specialized trainers in the field, and circulated to them to research their strengths and weaknesses, challenges, needs, and how to adapt digital activity with these variables.


Check out the full research: HERE 


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