29 Oct - 4 Nov 2021


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7amleh launches 7or platform to document, monitor and follow up on violations of Palestinian digital rights (English)


7amleh - the Arab Center for Social Media Advancement launched 7or (Hurr), the first Palestinian digital rights violations monitor and the first open online platform to monitor, document and follow-up on digital rights violations against Palestinian content. 7amleh has long worked in monitoring, documenting and appealing violations of Palestinian digital rights, and considers this platform an opportunity to provide more in-depth and accessible information to the public, journalists, governmental and non-governmental organizations and various local and international bodies that work to advocate for Palestinian digital rights.


Facebook employees questioned apparent restrictions on Palestinian activist's account: Documents (English)

ABC News

Earlier this year, multiple Facebook employees questioned the apparent restrictions on well-known Palestinian activist Mohammed El-Kurd's Instagram account, according to internal Facebook documents shared with ABC News and a group of other news organizations. The document, titled "Concerns with added restrictions/demotions on content pertaining to Palestine," shows concern among some employees over content moderation decisions during the May escalation of violence in Gaza and the West Bank.


New platform documents digital censorship of Palestinians (English)


Titled the Palestinian Observatory of Digital Rights Violations (7or, or “free” in Arabic), the website provides users with the ability to report the different actions taken against them over their posts, including account suspension and content takedown. It also includes a searchable database bringing together years of recorded violations by 7amleh and other local groups.


U.S. Blacklists Israeli Firm NSO Group Over Spyware (English)

The New York Times

In a remarkable breach with Israel over one of its most successful technology companies, the Biden administration on Wednesday blacklisted the NSO Group, saying the company knowingly supplied spyware that has been used by foreign governments to “maliciously target” the phones of dissidents, human rights activists, journalists and others.


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