27 Aug - 2 Sep, 2021


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Censorship of Palestinians reveals a fatal flaw in social media (English)

Times Now News

The brittle relationship between social media companies and censorship has been under the microscope for years, but the Palestinian question gets to the very heart of the issue. The last flare-up in violence between Israel and Hamas placed the conflict back at the top of the international news agenda. In the absence of any concrete (or coherent) political leadership, a new generation of Palestinians have used their considerable skills to turn their social media accounts into powerful tools for organising and spreading their stories.


Media Censorship in the Reporting of the Palestinian-Israeli ‘Conflict’ (English)

Springer Link

This chapter explores how narratives are manipulated by looking at censorship in the media. I survey the different types of censorship and the influence of censorship on reporting. I explore omissions and misrepresentations including if and how events are contextualised, whether the military occupation or other vital information was given. Differences in the depiction of the violence of each side are observed. This is followed by a discussion of the Israel lobby, censorship and their influence on the reporting of the ‘conflict’.


A Palestinian Center Specialized in Digital Rights: A law must be enacted to protect the privacy and data of Palestinians (Arabic)

A Palestinian center in Haifa specialized in digital rights called to form a Palestinian body; to protect and regulate privacy and personal data, and emphasized the need to pass a Palestinian law to protect data privacy from Israeli, Palestinian and other violations. According to 7amleh, the center released a study that seeks to identify the reality of privacy and protection of digital personal data in Palestine in terms of collecting, processing and using Palestinian users’ data. The study also explores the desired basic features and principles of a future Palestinian privacy and data protection law.


Commission 302: UNRWA's suspension of a number of its employees is in violation of human rights standards (Arabic)

The "302 Committee for Defending Refugee Rights" confirmed that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) suspended a number of its employees on the grounds of freedom of opinion and expression, and on the grounds of "violating the principles, laws and regulations of neutrality" in violation of human rights standards and freedom of opinion and expression. In a statement received by "Safa," a copy of which was received on Tuesday, the commission stated that two prominent events came before UNRWA made its decision. They indicated that the first event was the signing of the "poisoned" framework agreement with the US administration on 7/26/2021, which was considered an innocent interference with the work of UNRWA and a form of systematic political blackmail under the cover of humanitarian and human rights titles.


“The Final Line" Podcast | On digital parenting with Rabab Qurabi (Arabic)

In the third episode of the “The Final Line” podcast, we meet with Rabab Qorbi, a parenting guide who specializes in parenting, to understand from her what digital parenting is, and to learn more about the minefield of risks facing children, boys and girls on the Internet, and the types of addiction that threaten them due to the excessive use of devices and games and social networks, or due to exposure to content that is not appropriate for their age.


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