16 - 22, April, 2021


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PDRC Calls on the Palestinian Government in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to stop violating the right to privacy (7amleh/ Arabic)

The Palestinian Digital Rights Coalition (PDRC) condemns the Palestinian Preventive Security involvement in activities that violate the privacy of journalists, opponents, activists, human rights defenders and other groups. Read More 


Facebook says Palestinian spies behind hacking campaign (Reuters / English)

Facebook says it has disrupted a long-running cyberespionage campaign run by Palestinian intelligence which features spies posing as journalists and the deployment of a booby-trapped app for submitting human rights stories. Read More


7amleh Signs a Letter to EU Legislators to Vote 'No' to Automated Terrorist Content Censorship Online (7amleh/ English)

7amleh in addition to 69 other human rights and journalist organizations have written an open letter to all Members of the European Parliament urging them to reject the new EU Online Terrorist Content Law. Read More


Facebook shuts down page of academic program sponsoring Palestinian event (Monoweiss/ English)

Facebook removes an event page for a panel about free speech in Palestine as well as the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) Studies program’s page, which supports the event in San Francisco State University. Read More 


Facebook Blocks a Palestinian Journalist for a Month (MenaFN/ Arabic)

Facebook has banned the account of journalist Dr. Khaled Maali from the West Bank for a month, as well as his page which is focusing on settlement news. Read More 


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