5 - 11 March,2021


Check out the latest digital rights updates:

1.Racism and Incitement Index 2020: The Increase in Racism and Incitement against Palestinians and Arabs During the Pandemic (7amleh/ English)

In 2020, the violent discourse towards Arabs increased by 16% over the year 2019, and according to 7amleh’s Racism and Incitement Index in Israeli social networks. The results this year showed that, due to the Corona pandemic, racist discourse towards Palestinians and Arabs increased by 21%. Read More 


2.Why the world needs to take deepfakes seriously (Arab News/ English)

Deep Fakes lead to multiple threats on users in the Arab region, especially women and other vulnerable communities. They could destroy someone’s reputation — women, especially, are at risk, with them having gained more freedom within different conservative communities, which could see them suffer real damage.Read More 


3.Facebook Publishes New Guide on Gender Imbalance and Inclusion (Social Media Today/ English)

Marking International Women's Day, Facebook has published a new report into gender imbalance, and the ways in which businesses can ensure they commit to addressing such by working with female-owned organizations and boosting women and under-represented voices. Read More


4.Facebook Publishes New Research into the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Advertising (Social Media Today/ English)

Facebook published a new report into diversity and representation and advertising, which highlights some key notes of concern for marketers looking to maximize connection with their audiences. Read More


5.Misbar detects 236 fake news during February (Arab 48/ Arabic)

During February, the fact-checking platform "MISBAR" reported 236 news that are classified as false, misleading, satirical and selective content, in news sites and social networking sites. Read More


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