26 Feb - 3 March, 2021


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1. Young Palestinians Are Leaning Into TikTok – Even if Their Content Gets Deleted (Vice/ English)

Palestinians are documenting their lives on TikTok, a space they say feels overall more open than other social media platforms. Meanwhile, they are facing concerted efforts to mass-report their content in the hope of having it taken down. Read More


2.Facebook Bans MEMO Staffer for Advertising Recently-Published Book on Hamas (The Palestine Chronicle/ English)

Middle East Monitor and the Afro-Middle East Centre have strongly condemned the decision by Facebook to ban a staff member from using its platform for 30 days after he posted an advert for the launch of a book written by MEMO’s director, titled ‘Engaging the World: the Making of Hamas’s Foreign Policy’. Read More


3.Israeli spyware firm NSO Group faces renewed US scrutiny (The Guardian/ English)

NSO Group appears to be facing renewed scrutiny by the US Department of Justice months after leading technology companies said the spyware maker was “powerful and dangerous” and should be held liable to the country’s anti-hacking laws. Read More


4.TikTok Shares Latest Data on Content Removals and Enforcement Actions (Misbar/ Arabic)

About 90 million videos were removed globally in the second half of 2020 for violating TikTok’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, which is less than 1% of all videos uploaded on TikTok. Read More 


5. Clubhouse Is Recording Your Conversations. (Inc/ English) 

Audio-only social network Clubhouse has confirmed that a user managed to stream content from the app on their website, but this is not even “its worst problem”, according to Inc. Read More


6.Facebook doesn't seem to mind that facial recognition glasses would endanger women (The Guardian/ English) 

Facebook is considering building facial recognition capabilities into its smart glasses – which would make life easy for stalkers. Read More


7.YouTube Launches New Option Which Enables Parents to Monitor their Child's Viewing Activity (Social Media Today/ English)

YouTube has developed a new process that will enable parents to monitor their child's YouTube activity via a connected experience. Read More 


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