Campaign Raises Awareness of Palestinian Youth on Digital Security


7amleh concludes digital security awareness campaign for Palestinian youth in response to need for more educational materials for this group.

7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media concludes a raising awareness campaign on digital security for Palestinian children and youth with a series of animated videos reaching almost half a million people. 


The digital space has been undergoing many transformations recently, and the numbers of internet users are constantly increasing, especially with younger age-groups. According to a UNICEF report[1], 33% of children and youth around the world use the internet, even before the coronavirus pandemic. 


Similarly, the risks facing young people, especially, on the internet are increasing, ranging from hackers and viruses to malware and more; This also applies in Palestine. 7amleh's recent research "Digital Safety Among Jerusalemite Children and Youth" found that the majority of Palestinian children and youth in Jerusalem do not feel safe on the internet and 87% even refrain from sharing political content on social media, for fear of the consequences. 


As a response to the increasing threats and this evident need for digital security education, 7amleh produced a series of 10 videos in Arabic for children and youth with two young Palestinians, Islam and Latifa. The videos cover issues such as two-step verification, passwords, and safe browsing, and provide practical tips and recommendations to increase digital security. 


The campaign has reached more than 420,000 views throughout 7amleh's accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and is part of 7amleh's ongoing capacity building and awareness raising on digital security issues. 


Watch the full series (in Arabic) here:




[1] UNICEF (2020, December): How many children and young people have internet access at home? Accessible at:

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