Dec 31, 2020 - January 7, 2021


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  1. Palestine media to boycott Facebook to highlight bias (Middle East Monitor/ English)

Palestinian media outlets and activists are being urged to observe a two-hour boycott of Facebook on Saturday in protest against the social media giant's crackdown on Palestinian content. Read More


  1. Palestinian news outlet: TikTok in ‘partnership with the occupation’ (TRT World/ English)

The Quds News Network’s TikTok account was removed without notice by the video-sharing app. In response to the removal, QNN is charging TikTok for being in “partnership with the occupation”. Read more


  1. Instagram deletes a video of arresting a Palestinian kid by the Israeli soldiers (Eye on Palestine/ English)

Instagram alerted Eye on Palestine for “posting against its community standards”. The video which was deleted, showed arresting a Palestinian kid by the Israeli soldiers in Hebron. Read more

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