Webinar - Palestinian Narrative and Digital Rights Shifts in Times of Crisis


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Over the past week and a half, the world has watched online as one of the largest crises in recent memory unfolded in Palestine. As the crisis has developed, online platforms have foregone their responsibilities and once again played a fundamental role in shaping the global understanding and response. As mass misinformation and disinformation spread rampantly and unchecked in the first days, we saw the President of the United States openly lie on international television about seeing documentation of Hamas doing unspeakable things to babies that didn’t exist. Hate speech and incitement to violence against Palestinians in Hebrew has gone unmoderated and proliferated across many social media networks, with real-world consequences for Palestinians on the ground and globally. Meanwhile, Palestinians journalists and human rights defenders trying to document their on the ground reality have been censored and silenced again and again. 


Join us for a conversation with digital rights experts, Palestinian political analysts, and fact checkers, to try to understand our current moment, and what online platforms must do immediately to contribute to the safety of all Palestinian people.



Diana Buttu - Lawyer, Writer and Activist

Nadim Nashif - Founder and General Director, 7amleh 

Saja Mortada -  Manager, Arab Fact Checkers Network (ARIJ)


Eric Sype, US National Organizer, 7amleh


Date: Thursday, October 19, 2023

Time: 19:30 Jerusalem Time | 12:30 New York Time

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