7amleh - The Center for the Advancement of Social Media concludes training of trainers in digital security


7amleh concludes training of trainers in digital security

During the last three months, 7amleh held face-to-face training to train future trainers in digital security in Jerusalem.


7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media held face-to-face training for trainers in digital security in Jerusalem over the last three months, with more than 65 participants, including professionals, social workers, and NGO staff, guides, counselors, teachers and educators. A group of trainers and experts in digital security provided the training.


 The TOT (training of trainers) in digital security focused on qualifying and training the trainees in digital security through several workshops targeting different groups to build their capabilities in digital security topics and harmonizing the tools and materials used in digital security training to suit the needs of trainees of different abilities and skills.


The TOT in digital security includes focusing on the most effective ways in which this material can be presented interactively and effectively at the same time to give the training the targeted group the tools and skills to allow them the opportunity to become trainers in the future and to support children in Jerusalem with the tools needed to do so, to navigate safely in the online spaces.


This training comes as part of 7amleh's continuous work in building and strengthening the professional capabilities of Palestinians in the digital space to confront all digital violations to create a healthy and safe digital environment for all Palestinians.






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