#Month_of_Digital_Security_Awareness Campaign Concluded by 7amleh and Innovation of Change


This project is part of 7amleh’s ongoing efforts to strengthen digital security through awareness-raising campaigns and trainings.

7amleh -  The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media and the Innovation for Change Network concluded the #Month_of_Digital_Security_Awareness campaign. Throughout July 2020, materials were published through social media to increase the awareness on and skills in digital security for individuals and organisations throughout the region.


Throughout the month of July, tips, information, best practice, and publications on digital safety were published daily in Arabic through 7amleh's and Innovation for Change's social media channels. Additionally, the webpage was launched which features an interactive test to check ones degree of digital safety, and to learn how safe one's digital practices are. According to the result of this test, the most suitable resources are listed in order to improve digital safety. 


The campaign reached almost 300,000 people on Facebook, almost 7,000 on Twitter and had more than 105,000 interactions throughout social media platforms. More than 400 people (46% women), from 12 countries, visited the webpage, with 60% of these under 34 years old. 


Yara Daw, project coordinator at 7amleh explains: "The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness on the current threats that exist within the digital environment, how to mitigate these, and improve personal digital security through simple steps".


ِِAbdelghani Achahoud, Information Technology Officer at the Innovation for Change Network-MENA notes that the Month of Digital Safety Awareness Campaign is taking place against the backdrop of a global increase in the use of internet and smartphones, while risks to digital security, in particular for civil society activists, increase at the same time. In order to face these challenges, it is necessary to raise awareness and build capabilities of civil society.



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