Silenced.Online Platform Features 7amleh’s Work on Content Takedown


Silenced.Online platform launched to document content takedown.

The Silenced.Online platform launched this week documents content takedown on social media platforms and the personal stories behind this. The platform features a form for individuals worldwide to submit their detailed content takedowns, as well as results of possible appeals to the takedown, but does not exclusively focus on the technical details, but instead also highlights the personal stories behind and the impact of the takedown.

Furthermore, the platform will serve as a tool for organisations and digital rights coalitions to use it for their own data collection and research. It will also  include guides on the content takedown appeal-process, archiving of content and secure backup. A map function allows a visual analysis of reported content takedowns. is part of a wider network of organisations like 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media, Coding Rights, Derechos Digitales, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Online Censorship, Sada Social, Smex, Syrian Archive, and Witness.


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