7amleh extends its international outreach through joining IFEX and APC networks


7amleh extends its international outreach through joining IFEX and APC networks

Last Thursday, the APC (Association for Progressive Communication) accepted 7amleh as a full member of its coalition, which consists of 50 members. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The APC works to ensure that internet access is widely available, supports grassroots organisations to utilize technology to enhance their communities and advocate for rights, and also works to ensure that government policies related to information and communication serve the best interests of the general public, particularly those in the Global South.

This comes after 7amleh was recently accepted to the IFEX International network based in Montreal, Canada. IFEX has over 100 member organizations throughout the world and focuses on defending and protecting freedom of expression. It is also important to note that 7amleh representatives organized and participated in workshops regarding Palestinian digital rights and in international conferences such as the RightsCon2017 in Brussels, the Global Media Forum in Bonn and the IFEX General Assembly meeting in Montreal.

7amleh - Arab Center for Social Media Advancement is a non-profit organization aimed at enabling the Palestinian and Arab civil society to effectively utilize the tools of digital advocacy through professional capacity building, defending digital rights and building influential digital media campaigns. Nadim Nashif, the executive director of 7amleh, commented the following: “The acceptance of 7amleh to these international networks and coalitions is a sign that 7amleh is becoming a professional reference in all issues relating to Palestinian digital activism and rights.” 

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