Statement of Condemnation on Closure of Al Jazeera Offices


Statement of Condemnation on Closure of Al Jazeera Offices

7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media expresses its strong condemnation of the Israeli government’s unanimous decision to ban Al Jazeera news channel, the closure of the network's local offices, confiscation of all its equipment and blocking access to its online platforms through Internet service providers. This decision constitutes a severe violation of fundamental human rights, and press freedom, including the rights to free expression and peaceful assembly. Particularly alarming is the timing of this action, coinciding with Israel's assault on Rafah, where over a million internally displaced Palestinians are seeking refuge.

The shuttering of Al Jazeera's operations, including blocking access to its online platforms, stifles access to information at a crucial time during the war on Gaza. The action constitutes an infringement upon the right to freedom of expression, and flagrantly defies international human rights standards. It sets a troubling precedent at a time when the number of journalists killed in Gaza during the Israeli onslaught has risen to 142, with Palestinian and Arab journalists across all regions facing repeated attacks, assaults, arrests, channel closures, confiscations, and destruction of equipment. The resilience displayed by journalists in Gaza, risking life and liberty to share the truth, illuminates the critical role of a free press in times of crisis. 

This assault on press freedom undermines transparency and accountability. What is needed, and is lacking, is accurate and unbiased coverage. 7amleh calls for a unified global stance and strong opposition against such assaults on the free press. 7amleh stands in solidarity with Al Jazeera and all journalists who courageously pursue truth, demanding justice and accountability for the grave war crimes and crimes against humanity witnessed in Gaza.

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