7amleh publishes its annual report for 2022


7amleh released its annual report, in which it summarizes the most important achievements of 7amleh during the year 2022.

Today, Monday, 20/2/2023, 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media  released its annual report, in which it summarizes the most important achievements of 7amleh during the year 2022. The most prominent achievement of the organization was the awarding of consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and acceptance as a member of the Global Network Initiative (GNI). Throughout the year, 7amleh released 13 publications that vary between reports and research. The organizations also trained more than 3,000 trainees in various fields during the year, in addition to documenting more than 1,119 violations of Palestinian digital rights through (7or) platform, in addition to organizing and participating in a number of local campaigns. Additionally,  there was the successful launch of the sixth edition of the Palestine Digital Activism Forum 2022.

Last year, 7amleh issued 13 publications that varied between reports, research and position papers. The publications included five research and studies, in addition to two position papers. The first dealt with the Israeli surveillance sector, and the second about the reality of privacy and personal data in the Palestinian context, in addition to publishing a legal analysis for the Bill for Preventing “Incitement” on Social Media, and a guide on combating hate speech through the digital space. 7amleh has also released the results of two surveys. The first survey concerned the digital activity of Palestinian youth, while the second aimed at exploring Palestinians’ attitudes about privacy and data protection. In addition to these publications, the center published quarterly reports, throughout the year, about Palestinian digital rights violations.


7amleh continued its work on training and building the capacities of the Palestinian civil society in several areas, such as digital safety, documenting digital rights violations, and digital advocacy. A total of 54 organizations were trained among these trainings, in addition to that 76 trainees were trained in the field of digital security. In addition to these trainings, 7amleh held a digital conference for digital security under the title "Digital Security for Palestinians: Facing Challenges and Obstacles", in which more than 150 people participated.


7amleh also continued its work in the field of local, regional and international pressure and advocacy campaigns, seeking to put pressure on various parties to end digital discrimination against Palestinians. 7amleh has expanded its work during this year by launching an extension of the Digital Rights Coalition in both the United States of America and Europe, in addition to the participation of a campaign in the fifty-first session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and participation in two sessions of the European Union, one on the blockade of Gaza and the other on the Israeli surveillance, along with other posts and contributions to letters raised to various bodies in the United Nations, and the European Union, among many efforts.


7amleh continued its work with social media companies, where it has contributed to a number of international campaigns to put pressure on companies to promote the status of Palestinian digital rights. This included many campaigns targeting different companies, including (Meta), and (PayPal) and other campaigns highlighting the surveillance technologies violations Palestinians are exposed to by the Israeli authorities, and other campaigns focused on the right to privacy in the Palestinian context, and other campaigns, aimed at shedding light on the violations that Palestinians are subjected to by various parties and parties.


As for documenting Palestinian digital rights violations, 7amleh, as a trusted partner to social media companies, continued its work on documenting and following up on digital rights violations through the Palestinian Observatory for Digital Rights Violations (7or), where it documented 1,119 violations of Palestinian digital rights during the year 2022. The organisation succeeded in recovering a third of the deleted content, which was reported, by following up on cases with social media companies.


7amleh has participated in a number of international conferences, seminars, and digital and face-to-face dialogues, including the center's participation in the "Rights Con" conference and the "Mozilla Festival" conference, in addition to participating in the conference of the Institute of Graduate Studies in Geneva "The Impact of Surveillance". In Human Rights: Palestine and the World,” and in a symposium organized by the Palestinian Policy Network entitled “Resisting Digital Repression in Palestine and the World,” among many other contributions.


These efforts come as part of 7amleh’s ongoing work to promote Palestinian digital rights and strengthen the capabilities of Palestinian civil society, in order to achieve the organisatons's vision of reaching a safe, fair, and free digital space.


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