7amleh Joins the Global Network Initiative (GNI) Membership


The Global Network Initiative announced the admission of 7amleh as a civil society organization member in the network.

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) announced the admission of 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media as a civil society organization member in the network. GNI was established in 2008 and works to protect and promote freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector. The GNI Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy help shape companies' decision making in response to government restrictions and demands in order to prevent internet censorship, and protect the privacy rights of individuals.

GNI’s membership includes ICT companies, civil society organizations, academics, and investors from Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. 7amleh is one of over 80 members in the global network with experts in law, politics and corporate social responsibility. This membership allows 7amleh to understand how the world's leading ICT companies view regulatory initiatives affecting data security, network management, service delivery, and content accountability in relation to freedom of expression and privacy rights for their users. Through our GNI membership, 7amleh will also have increased ability to share human rights issues in the ICT sector.

“7amleh has demonstrated an ability to advocate for digital rights in complex situations,” said Jason Pielemeier, GNI’s Executive Director. “We look forward to integrating their insight and perspective into our collective work in support of freedom of expression and privacy.”

“7amleh sees joining this initiative as a continuation of its work to achieve its vision of a safe, fair and free digital space.” Nadim Nashif, General Director of the organization, said, "GNI is a leading voice in the effort  to protect freedom of expression and privacy among other digital rights globally, which intersects with 7amleh’s mission in creating a free, fair, and safe digital space for everyone. Therefore, we at 7amleh are pleased to join the Global Network Initiative, and we hope that this membership will create a space to achieve a greater impact in defending and promoting Palestinian digital rights on an international level, in cooperation with network members from all over the world."


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