Digital Rights Weekly Update 26 January - 1 February


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7amleh Launches "Digital Security" Learning Platform (English) 


7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media, launched the “Digital Security” platform, an educational guidance platform designed in the Arabic language, to constitute a source of specialized educational and training guides in the field of digital security. The platform contains advanced and updated training materials and provides its users with detailed explanations through illustrated educational videos. The “Digital Security” platform provides important training content to ensure the sustainability of digital security for institutions and individuals through five sections, the first of which is the digital prevention section, which defines in detail digital threats, their indicators, and methods of prevention. This section includes a detailed explanation of digital surveillance, phishing, social engineering attacks, harassment, and all forms of privacy violations.



Meta’s Neutrality Crisis and Dangerous Organisations Policy (English) 

Oxford Human Rights Hub

Meta is accused of “systemic and global” censorship in a recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report for particularly targeting pro-Palestinian voices on Facebook and Instagram. The report outlines thousands of instances where Meta removed content and applied suspensions or permanent bans on accounts supporting the Palestinian cause. This development is worrying, as the censorship exacerbates challenges faced by Palestinians, impeding their ability to share information on social media and influencing global perspectives on Israel’s actions. The crux of the issue lies in Meta’s Dangerous Organizations and Individuals (DOI) policy, criticized for banning vague speech categories on Facebook. The enforcement of this policy, as highlighted in the report, has led to the suppression of posts supporting major Palestinian political movements, hampering discussion on Israel and Palestine.




Gaza Supporters Subject to Arrests, Phone Searches, and Network Interference in Jordan and Palestine (English) 


Palestinians in the West Bank, as well as Jordanians, encountered a siege coinciding with the unfolding events in Gaza. In Jordan, citizens who participated in movements expressing solidarity with Gazans and condemning the occupation were stopped and searched. Additionally, demonstrators reported substantial interference with the internet and all communications. Conversing with SMEX, they chose to withhold their identities to safeguard their security.




Israel: The ICJ orders measures to prevent incitement to genocide and preserve evidence (English) 

Article 19 

ARTICLE 19 calls on Israel to immediately take steps to implement the measures ordered by the ICJ. In particular, it must investigate and hold perpetrators accountable for the numerous incendiary statements made in recent months by high ranking Israeli officials, military personnel and other influential figures calling for the destruction of Gaza and dehumanising Palestinian people. We also call on Israel to stop its severe violations of freedom of expression, including the killing of journalists and repeated internet shutdowns, which impede the preservation of evidence related to potential breaches of the Genocide Convention



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