July-September 2022 Quarterly Report


This report presents an analysis of the main digital violations, based on the documentation of 7amleh. Moreover, it provides an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the perpetrators and the victims, according to the type of violation and its distribution on social media networks. It is worth noting that the violations of digital rights encompass unlimited technical and systemic complications.

The third quarter of the current year 2022 witnessed many political events and developments which have clearly reflected on the status of Palestinian digital rights. As for the practices of the Israeli authorities, the data show that they extensively persecute Palestinian males and females for expressing their opinions on social media platforms under the pretext of “incitement”, while allowing the Hebrew inciteful content without accountability. 


Moreover, at the Palestinian internal level, it turned out that there have been many organized campaigns on social media platforms targeting the Palestinian anti-authority content by entities affiliated with the Palestinian security services which systematically report personal accounts and political opposition pages to make social media companies punish them based on these reports. 


The last Israeli agressive attack against Gaza strip, which lasted from 5 to 7 August, revealed the significant extent of censorship practiced by social media companies on Palestinian political content. They removed hundreds of Palestinian accounts and content publications as a result of revealing and criticizing the Israeli attacks against Gaza, which was immediately followed with the assassination of the Palestinian guy Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi by the Israeli occupation forces, leading to more removal and restriction of accounts.


As usual, these political events have contributed to increasing the digital censorship on the Palestinian content during the reporting period. We list the most important digital violations against the Palestinian content hereinafter, and we provide a quantitative analysis of the various forms of violations as well as the nature of the groups affected by them.


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