In this context, 7amleh created the PDAF to discuss and study on this issue during a week in March in more than 16 different locations in historical Palestine. The obective of the Forum is to discuss challenges faced by the Palestinian civil society and to raise awarness on digital rights activism, and to offer a space to exchange experience and knowledge with local and international ograniations to create a purposeful goal.

The PDAF welcomes proposals for:

– Workshops

– Talks during a panel

– Roundtables

Proposals should include one of the following focus areas:

– Digital Rights in Palestine (right to freedom of expression, right to privacy)

– Digital Activism, Campaigning and Marketing Digital Advocacy

– Digital Security

Proposals (for a workshop, talk, or roundtable discussion) have to be sent through this google form until December 30, 2019. 7amleh will review the applications and get in contact with the creators of the approved proposals. The final proposal will have to be submitted by February 1, 2020. 

For any inquiries, please contact