7amleh Center released an educational package aimed at combating the phenomenon of gender-based violence on the internet, a phenomenon that has been increasing rapidly within Palestinian society in the recent years.

The guide consists of five chapters: the first chapter contains basic terms and definitions in the field of digital security, followed by a chapter on definitions and terminology from the field of gender-based violence. The three main chapters focus on privacy, digital security and digital gender-based violence respectively. The guide was written by the expert trainer Subhi Khatib, edited by Shatha Sheikh Youssef and produced in collaboration with Deutsche Welle Academy. The aim of this guide is to help trainers delivere the subject of digital protection and awareness of gender-based violence on the internet to students of secondary schools and universities as well as staff working with them.

The guide is the latest achievement along a campaign against the phenomenon of gender-based violence in the virtual space, which included awareness campaigns, and dozens of awareness workshops with youth groups in which thousands participated. 7amleh Center has just published a research-study on the phenomenon of gender-based violence online in Palestinian society, which found that one third of Palestinian young women are subjected to violence and harassment on social networks and the internet. One out of every four women closed their accounts due to this harassment.

Download the educational package (in Arabic)