7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media

7amleh Annual Report 2018

2018 brought significant developments to the work of 7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media. 7amleh continued to develop our knowledge and evidence base about digital rights issues in Palestine through research, special reports and policy papers. This strengthened 7amleh’s ability to serve as a focal point for digital rights issues on a local, regional and international level and provide expertise to a range of partners and stakeholders. 7amleh also continued to provide and improve our campaigning and digital security trainings that we provide to hundreds of young people, media professionals, human rights activists and organizations. This report highlights some of our key work in the past year which would not have been possible without the engagement and dedication of our national and international supporters. Thank you!
About 7amleh العربية

7amleh is a non-profit organization aimed at enabling the Palestinian and Arab civil society to effectively utilize the tools of digital advocacy through professional capacity building, defending digital rights and building influential digital media campaigns.

7amleh focuses its projects and initiatives in three key areas: