Manar Makhoul
Postdoctorat Fellow at the Minerva Center in Tel-Aviv University and lecturer at Sapir Academic College. Received his PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Cambridge (2013). Hold a BA degree in International Relations, and a MA degree in Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Sameye Falah
Environmental Researcher and Volunteer in 7amleh.

Lura Hawa
Documentary and  films producer.
Deep experience in the media, training and “coaching” human education
Partner in establishing 7amleh.

Mustafa Qablawi
Journalist , radio and television program announcer, as well as a number of social programs that were launched electronically. Specialist and activist in social networks.

Ahmad Darawsha
Student at the Institute of Applied Sciences – Technion in Haifa,  political and social activist; worked as editor at the “Arabs 48” website until 2016. Participated in research teams for  numbers of documentaries.

Lawyer Sawsan Zahr

From Haifa, specialized in human rights and constitutional law. She has been working at Adalah – the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel since 2005. She holds a BA in Law and a MA in Human Rights and Gender from the American University of Washington.

Reem Amer

Feminist and political activist from Kafr Kassem, she is public director and partner in the Women’s Peace Coalition. Previously, she worked as finance director for the same institution. Hold a financial management certificate and a BA in General History.

Zaina Adawi

studied journalism and media, she is working as  TV producer manager since 10 years. She produced more than 40 documentary films and television programs.

Rami Younis

Biologist , writer ,independent journalist co-founder and organizer of the Palestinian music expo. 

Marwa Hanna

Editor, feminist and political activist, she holds a master degree in women’s and gender studies from the University of Haifa . Now she’s Working at the Women’s Peace Coalition. 

Rosalin Hussary

Project coordinator at 7amleh. Arabic and Islamic studies , feminist and political activist. 

Nadim nashif

social Entrepreneur, has been active in the Palestinian civil society for over 20 years. Throughout his activism he  co-founded and managed several organizations. Currently,  he is the Executive Director of 7amleh, The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement and senior policy analyst for Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network .