7amleh – The Arab Centre for Social Media Advancement launched today its second annual report “Hashtag Palestine 2016” which reviews Palestinian online content on social media networks, focusing on the most significant social and political issues that Palestinians were engaged with throughout 2016.


“Hashtag Palestine 2016 “ report comes as a result of 7amleh’s desire to protect freedom of expression and Palestinian digital rights. Continuous documentation of online behaviour constitutes a remarkable tool to study Palestinian community and its shifting approach to political and social issues. 7amleh also strives to archive digital violations committed by Israel in an attempt to reclaim these rights through digital activism.

The report is inclusive of all Palestinians regardless of their geographical location, since both the Israeli occupation and internal Palestinian divisions impose a highly divided reality upon them.

“Hashtag Palestine2016 “ presents statistics on Palestinians’ use of networks and social media platforms in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the and Palestinian citizens of Israel , shedding light on the most viral hashtags of 2016 and the most important online campaigns. These highlighted several Palestinian issues such as the occupation’s violations against Palestinians, the measures taken by Facebook to monitor the online presence of Palestinians, demands for freedom of prisoners who carried out hunger strikes in Israeli prisons, as well as issues related to gender and normalization. The report also monitor the arrests carried out against Palestinians due to their social media content, and also  looks into the new Israeli policies used to monitor Palestinian activity within the digital sphere.

You can download the full report here