Roundtable Discussion: The Picture in Social Media:Visual Media & its Role in Campaigns


Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media

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“The Picture in Social Media: Visual Media & its Role in Campaigns”

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New Media Training Session

7amleh (Hamleh) – Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media announced at the beginning of the month, that on 18th November 2014, we will host our first training session, titled #New_Media, which will focus on new and social media and how it can be used to awareness-raising and advocacy activities in the field of civil action. The session will consist of 6 intensive meeting over the course of a week, and will amount to a total of 24 hours of training. The sessions will take place in the city of Haifa

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“Al Mkhzan” Begins Its First Photography Project in the Naqab

“Al Mkhzan” held its first meeting over two days in the unrecognised village of “Khashem Zeneh”, with a group of 17 photographers from all areas of the Galilee. Participants were both amateur and professional photographers with an interest in photography as a tool for raising awareness, contributing to the Palestinian struggle and organising youth and human rights campaigns

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MENA Regional Forum on “Digital Freedom & Security”

On the weekend of August 15th – 16th 2014, six different NGOs gathered in Amman, Jordan to discuss the current status of “Digital Security” in the Arab world

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