7amleh - The Arab Centre for Social Media Advancement

2017 Annual Report

The year of 2017 was an extremely fruitful and busy year for 7amleh. We held many trainings and conferences and published various reports, which we will be briefly reviewing throughout this report. The most significant achievement is that due to the accumulation of our activities since 7amleh’s inception until now and to our active membership in international networks that specialise in digital rights, 7amleh has become the first professional reference on the issue of Palestinian digital rights. This has led to wider influence and more networks and partnerships, both local and international with civic society, universities, decision makers and to the opening of communication channels with social media companies and international media outlets.

Whilst reviewing 7amleh’s achievements from 2017, we also wish to express our grave concern about the increasing violations of Palestinian digital rights as well as intensified surveillance, monitoring and silencing of critical voices. In light of the current situation, we believe there is a great need to build the capacities of activists and civic society in digital tools and to thoroughly understand the rapid changes within the digital arena. We strongly believe in our role to fulfill this gap, which constitutes the guiding principle of 7amleh’s work.


7amleh is a non-profit organization aimed at enabling the Palestinian and Arab civil society to effectively utilize the tools of digital advocacy through professional capacity building, defending digital rights and building influential digital media campaigns.

7amleh focuses its projects and initiatives in three key areas: